• Fino, 50cl, Xeco
    Sharp yet delicate dry sherry, the nose a bouquet of nuts, wild herbs and fresh dough, the mouth a bowlful of freshly shelled almonds. Read more

    NV | 15% ABV   50cl

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  • Amontillado, 50cl, Xeco
    A nutty, sweet bouquet, slightly reminiscent of toasted walnuts, caramel and raison. Complex and balanced palate of orange, roasted nuts, clove, sweet spices but with rich mouthfeel and expression. The taste lingers with intensity and satisfaction, dry... Read more

    NV | 18% ABV   50cl

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XECO is the brain-child of three 'fino fiends' who share a long-lived love of fine sherry, plus over 30 years of experience in the drinks industry. The formidable founding trio share more than just a love of wonderful Spanish wine, they also share a deep appreciation of how sherry is made and the deep-rooted traditions behind it, plus a determination to bring the Next Generation of sherries to the world.
Palomino Vineyards by Diez Merito Vendemia

Beanie, Polly and Alexa met in Hong Kong, and upon discovering by chance their shared love of the underappreciated tipple, they hatched a plan to create a new brand of Sherry to put a contemporary spin on this age-old product, and so help to dispel some of the myths around the category, all the while encouraging a new generation of discerning drinkers to give Sherry a second look. To launch XECO, the trio teamed up with a magnificent Spanish Sherry house ('bodega') which has been producing Sherry wines since 1876. Although the name, XECO, may be new their wines have a long and distinguished lineage.

Sherry can only be Sherry if it comes from Jerez (formerly ‘Sherish’) in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain. Pronounced ‘heh-rez’, Jerez literally means sherry in Spanish. This so called ‘Sherry Triangle’ was the first region in the country to be awarded ‘Denomination of Origin’ status. Consistency, pride, pedigree and continuity create the perfect execution of a product forever linked to this single area of Spain.

XECO collaborated with the beautiful and historical bodega Diez Merito which laid down it’s soleras in 1876. The regions soil and climate, the family’s skill and dedication and a firm belief that sherry is ready for ‘a revolution; a renaissance’ matches perfectly with the ambition of XECO to drive a sherry sized wedge into the drinks landscape for a new generation.

The XECO fino is made from the Palomino Fino grape variety which produces a crisp and refreshing dry wine that is extremely versatile. Like all sherries, it is made through a special process of fractional blending unique to wines from Jerez and has been aged for four years on location in Andalucia in oak casks, giving it a dry and savoury quality that works brilliantly with all sorts of foods. Best enjoyed extremely chilled, straight up, paired with your favourite mixer or pandered to your wildest cocktail dreams.

The XECO Amontillado (affectionately known as ‘Monti’), is rich and sweet on the nose but bone dry by the time it lands on your tongue making it a wonderful aperitif. Wonderfully nutty and aromatic with glorious amber hues and subtle flavours of sun-baked fruit and fresh vanilla, XECOs Monti has been partially aged oxidatively in contact with oak and is always served chilled.

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Learn more about the lovely ladies of XECO and their delectable sherries along with the myriad of ways to drink them plus perfect pairings at xecowines.com