Courses & Events

The Great Wine Co. hosts regular wine tasting events and wine dinners in our Bath Shop, at some of the UK’s best restaurants, and in Bath’s historic buildings. At these events you can meet our winemakers, taste wonderful wines and meet the team. What’s more our Great Wine School hosts about thirty informal, fun courses every year – where you can learn not just about wine, but other delicious drinks including Gin, Craft Ales and Sake.

Great Wine School Courses

great-wine-school-coursesThere are a huge number of fabulous wine and spirits courses that are run by the Great Wine School and our tutor, Tristan Darby.

The courses in the first few months of 2020 are planned and tickets are on sale now, making the very best presents for friends, relatives or just for yourself - the perfect thing for wine and spirits lovers.

Click here to see all of the courses run by Great Wine School.